Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EC Blogs

The above are EC's Blogs. "Wow! So many!", I hear you say. I even hear you say, "you have so much free time, eh?", which is a very typical Malaysian response.

I empathize with their ignorance and negative attitude. Majority, not all, Malaysians tend to think and say the negative response as mentioned above.

Funny though, from my 22 years living in Sydney, NSW, Australia, the reaction I received was "wow! How you manage this, mate? You must show me how you do this? I want to know/learn".
The aussies look at me from my perspective and in a positive way whereas the Malaysians tend to look from their own selfish standpoint. They know they can't do it, so how the 'F' this bastard can, so instead of being positive, from their viewpoint, they wonder how in the world one can find so much time to do this ie. manage 12 Blogs, 3 yahoogroups, twitter and FB. So such detractors were implying I don't have any work to do!
The ignorant ones think 1 dimensional work flow. So they imagined, bloody hell, open up 10 Blogs and post 10 times, then log on to the 3 yahoogroups and post 3 times and then log on to twitter and post and then log on to FB and post! Phew! Even I am exhausted now.

EC found a way using mobile technology and I like to repeat it again "EC found a way using mobile technology!".

EC streamlined the blogging process, done through email, postings get published to respective Blogs via email which in turn from the blog automatically posts to respective yahoogroups (which then disseminates the posting to members of yahoogroups). Then via the blogpost itself, when twitted (ie. posted to twitter), my twitter a/c being configured/linked to my FB a/c, the twitted post also gets published to my FB wall. Quite effortless on my part.

Not all my Malaysian friends are negative, I am so glad to know. The 1% who know me inspire and encourages me while the remaining ones have the tendency to be 'selfishly inward' by character. If they can't have or do it, so you shouldn't be able to have or do it too. That's one of the ugly sides of Malaysians (not all), in general. I am NOT angry but pity them.

When I migrated to Sydney in 1988, I did not have much money. After saving for 2 years, I managed to put a down payment for my 1st new car, a Hyundai excel hatchback. Hyundai then was not what Hyundai is today. Hyundai has come a long way and today very successful.

The interior Hyundai Excel Hatch was very plastic-ish. Another Malaysian migrant friend of mine bought the Ford Laser and commented to me that I should have bought what he purchased. I couldn't afford the Ford Laser pricing. He rubbished the Korean-made car. He was only thinking of himself. He did not bother to care why I chose it in the first place. As far as he was concerned I was the 'stupid' one to buy an 'inferior' (in his mind) car. My Aussie friends were the opposite. Regardless if hyundai were their preference or not, they said, 'good on ya, mate, with your new car'.

Guess what, this fidiot who migrated to Australia a year after me, returned to KL the following year after only spending a year or so in the country. He couldn't adjust to Aussie life. He even had the cheek suggested that I sell off the Hyundai and buy his Ford Laser off him. In his dream, I told him. Bastard, when I returned in 2009, he tried to con me to lend him RM10K!!! He even cried and told me a 'sad' story of his life. No, I did not lend him. My gosh, such Malaysians have no values and integrity at all!

If you belong to the 99%, hope you will learn to change your attitude. Don't do it for my sake but for yourself.

If you belong to the 1%, thank you for being my friend.

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