Sunday, August 5, 2012

TODAYonline | Singapore | Police warns of scams involving web security

Police warns of scams involving web security

Updated 10:29 PM Aug 05, 2012

SINGAPORE - Police have warned the public not to fall prey to phone scams involving web security.

They said there have been 32 reported cases since the start of this year.

A woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said she received a phone call on June 14 from someone claiming to be an employee of a well-known software company.

She was told that some Malaysians were trying to hack into her computer. And to protect it, she had to buy a security licence.

She handed over her credit card details and found out later that over S$1,300 was stolen from her account.

"I asked them to let me talk to my husband, but they said no, I had to make a decision that time, or else my computer would be blacklisted... I gave my credit card number and one-time password. Suddenly the screen went blank and some amount was charged to my account, and it was in euros," she said.


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