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Updates on the Animal Abuse Act in KL, Malaysia

@eugenechung: Free Malaysia Today » Animal abuse act caught on video


August 4th
1) I was informed by puppy owner that this is the Facebook profile of the Somali student who threw the puppy. His name is Mohamed Hassan mohamed.hassan.50999405

2) The name of the Somali student in black shirt talking to the camera is Ahmed-Subair Abdirahman Mohamoud 

3) I was informed that the 3 men involved (3rd guy recording) are hiding at the moment. One of them has an American passport and the other has Swedish passport (possibly Mohamed Hassan)

4) Mostafa Silawy, owner of puppy, went to the police today and cops told him that when they do catch the 3 guys, the guys will have to pay fine RM200 only

5) Somalia Embassy of Malaysia has a Facebook page. Share your thoughts there pages/ Somali-Embassy-Malaysia/ 360725420665512

6) Somalia Embassy of Malaysia has a website. Email them your thoughts via http:// or

7) FreeMalaysiaToday re-uploaded the video above on YouTube EThtbN8RQAk

8) Here is a petition initiated by an American, Chris Wolverton. He wants justice for Kanilla http:// 967/565/042/ justice-for-dog-thrown-down -manhole/

9) TheStar: Scores vent anger at Somali dog killer news/ story.asp?file=%2F2012%2F8% 2F4%2Fnation%2F11797084&se c=nation


For more details please read the article below.

http:// category/nation/2012/08/03/ animal-abuse-act-caught-on- video/

FreeMalaysiaToday: Animal abuse act caught on video
by G Vinod
August 3, 2012

A Somalian student, entrusted by his friend to care for his puppy during his absence, threw the mutt into a manhole with the help of another perpetrator.

PETALING JAYA: Several pictures showing a puppy being thrown into a manhole in Cyberjaya by two foreign nationals is going viral on Facebook.

The pictures are posted on Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) Facebook page. FMT has also viewed a video showing the two foreigners caught in action doing the heinous act in June.

Malaysian Animal Welfare Society (MAWS) president Shenaaz Khan said that the six-month-old puppy named Kanilla belonged to a Jordanian student Mostafa Silawy, who is studying at the Lim Kok Wing University.

"Having left Malaysia in June for a month-long holiday, Mostafa entrusted his Somalian friend Mohamad Hasan to care for Kanilla in his absence.

"On Mostafa's return, Mohamad told the former that Kanilla had gone missing," said Shenaaz.

However, Shenaaz said that another friend of Mostafa had downloaded a video showing Mohamad and another Somalian, Ahmad Subair Addirahman Mohamoud, throwing the docile mutt into a manhole.

The duo are said to be students at the Malaysian Multimedia University (MMU).

Shenaaz said that Mostafa had lodged a police report on the matter at the Cyberjaya police station three days ago.

She urged the authorities to take action against the Somalians and claimed the duo had threatened Mostafa for making the report.

"The duo threatened Mostafa for putting the picture clippings of their heinous act on Facebook," she alleged.

'Take immediate action'

FMT checked the video which runs for 1 minute 50 seconds, showing Subair holding the puppy while Mohamad hurled profanities before throwing the dog.

An unknown cameraman told the duo, "Okay, hurry up. Just do it and then we run like nothing happened."

Later, Mohamad faced the camera and said, "F… this dog. This b…. is dead."

The duo then threw Kanilla into the manhole and ran away while laughing.

The duo's act drew ire from Facebook's users, with many calling for the police to take immediate action against the Somalians.

One user named David Dawei said, "Cancel their student visa and skin them alive before deporting them back to their third world homeland.

Another user Yew Peng said, "No don't send them back yet. Let me beat them first." — with Brian J Chong and Mostafa Silawy in Cyberjaya.

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