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Zebra crossings that mean nothing to drivers - Opinion | The Star Online

Monday September 10, 2012

Zebra crossings that mean nothing to drivers

I HAVE just returned home for a short vacation from my studies abroad.

Unfortunately, I was presented with a potentially fatal welcome.

In front of the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), I looked left and right, and decided it was safe to cross the three-lane road using the zebra-crossing, as the immediate car was about 10m away and there was a big hump just ahead of it.

To my surprise, once getting over the hump, instead of slowing down to a stop at the zebra-crossing, the 5-series BMW accelerated down the road.

Dragging a 30kg luggage with an additional 9kg backpack told me I was not going to make it across the road fast enough and decided to retreat to my starting point.

Similarly, none of the cars which followed slowed down to let me cross.

Then, I realised how naive I was. This is not England or Australia, where safe pedestrian-crossing exists.

This is Malaysia, where pedestrian-crossing is just mere rectangles painted white or yellow on the road.

Being a Malaysian who almost got killed on the pedestrian-crossing, I wondered whether it would be safe for foreigners who are accustomed to safe pedestrian-crossing in their home countries.

It is well-known that Malaysian drivers have many rude habits. But how much more will the authorities condone, especially when it endangers the lives of others?

With hundreds, if not thousands, of foreigners travelling through our international airports and visiting our country, will this not paint a damaging image of Malaysia?

With the tourism sector aside, such dangerous driving is a potential hazard to our own citizens.

I urge the traffic police to play a more active role in enforcing stricter traffic regulations to ensure the safety of the public.

Birmingham, England

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