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The migrant’s eye — Shaun Tan @ Thu May 05 2011

May 05, 2011

MAY 5 — Below is the entry by
Shaun Tan, one of the finalists in the World Bank 2011 Essay Competition, on the brain drain issue.

"Our young people represent the future of our country." This phrase has been echoed by almost every politician in almost every country in modern history. However the changes instigated by the increasing ease of migration are such that not even this time-honoured cliché holds the weight it once did. Young people still represent the future, but it is the future of whichever country they decide to settle in or impact, which may or may not be their country of origin. As with most changes, there are new benefits and drawbacks, and new winners and losers. Among the most pressing questions countries now face are how to prevent their young people from migrating, and how far they should go in providing for the migrants residing within their borders.
Full story: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/breakingviews/article/the-migrants-eye-shaun-tan

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