Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BelumBred 30 Houseboat in Temenggor Lake

Hi guys,
The 30footer houseboat that I built had now been operating for about 4 months already after all the initial trial runs and sorting out all the problem areas.  Since then about 200 plus people from all over the world have already taken rides in it and many wants to come back for more trips.
Now I would like to make a special introductory offer to my friends to come and test it out.  It is normally parked at the Belum Eco Resort and is operated by Steve Khong the island owner.    They are running it at rm3,300 for 3D2N for 6pax with a max of 8 with children.  The package include all fuel, food, cook, guide and 2 small boats for fishing or bird watching.
However I am making this a special offer to my friends.  I will personally skipper the houseboat for you but you must keep the number down to 6pax per trip as that is the number of sleeping places available.  You bring your own easy to cook food and fuel if you like and I can arrange a very special rate for the trip.  I will operate it independently from the resort and we can go wherever you like.  Take your own sweet time and cruise along while you have lunch, park at a quiet spot and listen to all the hornbills and animal sounds, etc.
Presently it is still the time for watching large flocks of hornbills.  The winds will be blowing continuously from Nov to Mar2013 and it will be nice and cool.
Pick up point is at the jetty on the second bridge at Banding Island at 12.30pm and return is between 12n to 6pm at the latest on the last day.
Please arrange at least a week in advance and check with me for details.  Look forward to seeing you all.
Best regards

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  1. When I designed this houseboat the original purpose was to be a small houseboat for a small family to be used as a holiday home in a lake and that dictated the shape and style that you see. The lounge area doubles as sleeping space with some seating convertions to berths. It will sleep 7 comfortably. rgds Robin