Saturday, January 5, 2013

Acts of kindness becoming very rare these days

I have to agree with the author. Not all Malaysians are uncourteous and/or rude BUT there are more than 1 too many rotten Malaysian apples giving a bad name to the fruit basket!
Malaysians will cut queues, double/triple park blocking properly parked cars, throw rubbish out of cars while on the move....the ugly Malaysian list goes on. Last weekend, I was at Kota Damansara Ginza, in came a young Malay family of 4 in a Malaysian made car MyV into the carpark and to my disgust and astonishment, the 2nd child, around the age of 3, was on the father's lap in the driver's seat! He was reversing into the parking bay right in front of me. In other words the child was on his lap while he was driving from who knows where?!?! MyV by Perodua is a small car. With impatient and uncourteous Malaysian drivers on the roads, this young father was stupidly foolish.

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