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Patrick Teoh scorched after Facebook fire of Kedah CNY rules @ Wed Jan 16 2013

Patrick Teoh scorched after Facebook fire of Kedah CNY rules

January 16, 2013
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 16 — Potty-mouthed local celebrity Patrick Teoh, once dubbed the "Voice of Malaysia", was roasted today over his Facebook rant against PAS-led Kedah's controversial entertainment guidelines planned for next month's Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration.

The 65-year-old's outraged followers vented their disappointment and disgust at the outspoken actor's remarks, chiding him for being religiously insensitive towards Muslims despite living in a multicultural country.

A screen grab of the post before it was taken down from Teoh's Facebook page.
"after all these years living with your malay-muslim friends, still u don't know how to not touch the sensitivity patrick? all enormous respect for u i've been giving all these years have gone into the drain," a former admirer identified as Lan Halamy wrote on Teoh's Facebook page today.
"If you have nothing good to say, please refrain your fingers from typing something useless and insensitive as what you did just now," wrote another follower, Nadia Zulkefli.

"Patrick (picture), I do agree with you that PAS shouldn't try to impose Islamic values to non-Muslims but the way you put it in your previous status makes me go 'hmmmmm?'" one Rina Sadon posted on the social network, adding that she found it "kindda weird [sic]" to be the one offering advice as she had grown up listening to the once-popular veteran radio deejay.

The Perak-born star of local movies such as "Nasi Lemak 2.0", "Buli" and "The Red Kebaya" had drawn flak over his Facebook posting yesterday criticising the Kedah government's January 9 guidelines for the state's upcoming 1 Malaysia Chinese New Year event, which dictated among other things, the appropriate attire for officials, stage performers and choice of songs and dances.

"Encouraged to sing motivational songs!!! What kind of f****** motivation they want? Give up individuality and be sheep? Pray 5 times a day? Cover up all women? What???!!!

"And while they are at it, please tell us what the f*** extreme singing and dancing is?" he had posted, and blasted the state for being "Quran-thumping m***** f******!!!"

Teoh has since removed the offensive post from his Facebook page, and apologised for his remarks, which he acknowledge had made him sound like a religious bigot.

"Whoa!!!...whoa...whoa...I now realise what I did that was wrong and why it generated so much hate-mail. I had thought that the criticism came from my use of the phrase, "Quran-thumping m***** F*****..." I was wrong. It came from my reference to 'Give up individuality and be sheep? Pray 5 times a day? Cover up all women?' which was totally out of line. It didn't convey what I was trying to say in the post and came out like a bigoted selfish statement. For that I apologise sincerely to all Muslims. Minta maaf. But I do not apologise for calling that person a...well you know what I mean. I hope.

"On good advice I am taking down the offensive post immediately. I am doing this not because I am censoring myself but to avoid causing further hurt to my fellow Malaysians whom I respect. Thank you," he posted a few hours ago.

Comments on the subject continued to stream in and while a substantial number of commenters adopted a moderate stance, a large number also posted racial comments and challenged Teoh to leave the country if he was so dissatisfied with government policies.

"Penakut...kalau berani buat balik..babi punya MF...oooppss..saya minta maaf 1malaysia," posted Facebooker, Putra Abdullah. 

[Translation: Coward... if brave go back... Chinese pig.. bible MF...oooppss..I apologise 1 Malaysia]

"if pkck patrickvdh xsuka sgt duduk kt msia ni,g berambus la [If Uncle Patrick does not like living in Malaysia so much, get out]," said another Facebook user, Ruhaiza Mohd Zappah.

Racial and religious issues have been talked up in recent days as questions over the rights of Muslims and non-Muslims to call their respective gods "Allah" and the introduction of an Islamic penal code hog media headlines nationwide in the run-up to Election 2013.

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