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One man’s philosophy on life

Saturday January 16, 2010

One man's philosophy on life


CHENG Foo Seng, 74, has taken on many roles in life. He has been an interior architect, a racehorse trainer, a cook, an artist and a pub singer at various periods in his life.
Now, he is an author and nutritionist and he writes mainly from his personal experience after living overseas for almost 40 years.
His wit and wisdom: Cheng showing the framed covers of his three books at his home.Born in Sungai Siput, Perak, Cheng, better known as Johnnie to his friends, left for further studies in England at the age of 13.
"In 1969 in London, I was studying to become an interior architect. From 1976 to 1986, I was a racehorse trainer in Ipoh.
"In the early 90s, off and on I was rocking to Elvis music as a part-time entertainer in Malaysia and Switzerland to make ends meet," he said in an interview at his home in Ipoh.In 1992, he suffered from acute sickness due to stagnant blood in his arteries. After treatment in Switzerland and Malaysia, he lost six fingers and part of a toe on his left leg.
It was then that he decided to take a serious interest in nutrition and healing.In 1998, he started his practice as a consultant in improving relationships and health in Zurich, Switzerland. Three years later, he opened his astrology, nutrition and cooking school.
His first book 'Heal Thyself' is based on Chinese wisdom and understanding what type of food from Mother Nature one should take to nourish the body according to the five elements — gold, wood, fire, earth and water.
Cheng also emphasises the consumption of natural food and cooking according to specific times as well as choosing what to eat according to the changes in weather."We get sick because we consume food that is wrongly cooked or when we eat our food at the wrong time," he said.
He said the five elements could also be used to find harmony, prosperity and longevity in relationships with our partners, improve self-perseverance and protect ourselves from emotional stress.
He has given seminars on the five elements, the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, relationships, depression, healthcare, nutrition and feng shui.He returned to Malaysia in August 2006 to further his research on the rich natural food of South-East Asia.
His second book 'Self Dialogue 1' was on the secret love recipe of women and men while a third book 'The 60 Years Cycle 1' is on the symbolism of the 10 numbers of the five elements governing human behaviour.
"It is important to make the best energy in your life to stay happy and healthy without fear and worry," he said.
He said 'Self Dialogue 1' was based on interviews and evidence from disheartened people and more than 12 years of consultation and seminars.Cheng said he hoped to support the education of five-year-old children in China through the sale of his books.
There will be a presentation and launching of his books on Jan 23 at MPH Mid Valley (3pm to 4pm).
He can be contacted via www.theworldof

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