Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why we need change? We’re tired, very tired!

Why we need change? We're tired, very tired!

April 14, 2013by: fmt
FMT LETTER: From  A forward looking Malaysian, via e-mail

We put in a 10-hour day and 55-hour week to make a reasonable living in a country which was once free of racial hatred and where individuals respected their different religious beliefs. Where children moved around freely, played together, and occasionally shared meals at each other households.
Given the state of the current economy and the rapidly rising national debt, retirement is now a bad dream.
We're tired of being treated like Pavlov's dogs with the ring of the GE bell. We are expected to obediently salivate when the goodies, free concerts, food are handed out. In between GEs, like the "untouchables", we are treated with disdain and contempt.
We're tired of being reminded "to vote BN" to get more cash hand-outs but it is our cash that they are handing out.
We're tired of the games they played; hardball at the state level and softball at the federal level. The so-called "non-partisan" NGOs pour scorn on projects initiated by the opposition state government (constantly being sabotaged  by the federal government) to address the chaotic local traffic congestions and label the initiatives as opportunistic, while they are oblivious to the scandals and pillages at the federal level.
We're tired of being told that out of tolerance we must submit to the threat of bible-burning of Perkasa, the abuse of the former PM and an orgy of greed and self-indulgence of the Umno-BN.
We're tired that someone,  like the  former Transparency International president, whom  the rakyat have the utmost respect, can become a turncoat overnight implicating a legitimate organisation fighting for clean and fair elections for being "an instrument of money laundering" and accusing it for attempting to create "chaos" on polling day.
We're tired of being told to behave or your citizenships will be revoked while citizenships are given to illegal immigrants in exchange for votes
We're tired of being told the PM must be given another term when he was slumbering in his first term and oblivious to the scandals and enriching his cronies.
Yes, we're damn tired. But we're also very glad because we have the choice now to make the difference. To prove to them that we are indeed the master, and not Pavlov's dogs, that they want us to be.
That the mega concert at Han Chiang School and the 5,500-table mega dinner in Klang will be met with cynicism. We will tell them enough is enough that the "rape and pillage" will have to stop and their actions will be brought into account.
We're glad we're not going to have to listen to their lies any longer. We're glad we can stop looking at the mess they've created. We're glad we can now save our country!

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