Monday, July 8, 2013

Accident: superbiker crash

This accident happened right before my eyes. Bikers never bloody learn any lessons the danger of speeding especially riding a super or monster bike!
Vehicles in front on me were held back due to an earlier car accident. These bloody bikers werencoming round the bend at high speeds that the leader of the pack's judgment was skewered he was not able to tell vehicles were not moving and by the time the fool realised it he zoomed passed my car and couldn't negotiate anymore and crash into the back of a car which was 2 cars in front of me. Bang! Biker flew into the air and came splattering/crashing down to the ground. He didn't move. By that time the rest of the bikers managed to stop in time and cane to the victim's aid. Police who was attending to the earlier accident came to direct us and be on our way. I hope he is alive and God speed but to all bikers, don't be a bloody (as in blood all over) fool speeding recklessly on highways. I know of a friend, mid30s, loves bikes, had a super monster bike, rode up genting highlands, lost control negotiating the bends and was killed.
You fools may not value your own lives but be considerate of the lives of others. Go kill yourselves but don't take innoncent lives with you!

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