Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guinness Advertisement in 1968

Advertisement in 1968. This is a rarest advertisement which you will never ever see again.
How it was in 1968, Guinness ad in Malay, with Malay actors.

Someone found this in the library at Ohio University. It is in a program booklet of KGMMB's (Kesatuan Guru-Guru Melayu Malaysia Barat) AGM 1968, and this advertisement appeared on p.2, side by side with the message from the then Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein. How different it was in those days. Our Malays in the olden days live with peace, find more freedom and happy even though we don't have KLCC or F1 Circuit. We lived in moderate ways and racial issues is almost zero.

Things got divided into many groups now, we are thought to hate each other just by the name of religious & political view.

All because of the Mamak Mahdir kept injecting rubbish into the brain of young people during his time. Thanks 2 Mamak!!
Fortunately with the God's alert, some group of Malays started to open their eyes to differentiate which is right and which is wrong now.

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