Monday, November 18, 2013

Lollipop Bait, TBWA Kuala Lumpur

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

‘Balik kampung’ with English | theSundaily

'Balik kampung' with English

Posted on 10 November 2013 - 09:48pm

Lee Choon

BATU PAHAT (Nov 10, 2013):

A son of the soil returned home today with a gift – free community English classes – that will bear fruit for years to come.

Better Malaysia foundation (BMF) founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan, who spent his childhood in Kampung Sungai Suloh, said learning English would help students on the international arena.

"We shouldn't remain complacent and be like a 'katak di bawah tempurung' (frog beneath the coconut shell) or else, when you go overseas, you will need a translator.

"But if you know English, you can use it everywhere," the founder of Berjaya Corporation said during the launch of the programme here.

The event saw a large turnout from members of the community as well as some of his family members.

He also pointed out that English is the language of the internet and it will be impossible to translate all such the information into another language.

The programme, under Project 100, is conducted by science of life studies 24\7 (SOLS 24\7) and fully sponsored by BMF.

Tan has pledged RM12 million for Project 100 which will see the opening of 100 centres throughout the country. So far, 21 classes have been opened to teach 2,000 students.SOLS 24\7 chief executive Raj Ridvan Singh said classes are open to all, from primary school children to senior citizens, with all expected to be able to speak good English within six months.

"We operate on a six month programme with students able to speak good English between three and six months," said Raj Ridvan, who is affectionately known as "teacher Raj" by his students.

The classes cost an average of RM7,000 to RM9,000 a month with teachers coming from the ranks of volunteers, both foreign and local.

Classes here will be taught in free premises such as the Balai Raya in Kampung Sungai Suloh and classrooms at SJK(C) Yeong Chang.

Those interested can contact Raj Radvin at 012-639 8442 or Judy Tan at 018-201 7983 or any 7-11 branch nationwide for information on how to start the classes.

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Woman exec wins RM27 mil Toto jackpot | theSundaily

10 Nov 2013 
Local World Business Sports

Woman exec wins RM27 mil Toto jackpot

Posted on 10 November 2013 - 09:30pm
Last updated on 10 November 2013 - 10:16pm
KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 10, 2013):

A thirty-something female executive from KL became one of the youngest Toto millionaires when she won Toto 4D Jackpot 1 of RM27 million.
Her winning pair of numbers "5757 & 1113" was part of a series of 4D numbers she had in mind whenever she felt like playing number games. Those numbers originated from her licences, car plates, dates of meaningful occasions as well as her own concoctions.
She found out her massive jackpot win from Sports Toto's website on the winning draw evening itself. Being a jackpot hopeful for no less than five years, she said she was dumbfounded."On the winning draw, I actually played System 10 instead of my usual System 6 without any particular reason. I guess that was a prompting from Lady Luck!", she said with a smile.
Playing Toto 4D Jackpot System 10 with 10 sets of 4D numbers, she managed to get 45 pairs of 4D numbers, in other words, 45 winning chances. As a result of playing System 10, she won an extra RM2,688 from 16 sets of the 3rd prize.
She said her new-found fortune would be more than enough to fulfill a long wish list which included her children's education needs as top of the list, followed by gifts for herself such as a sports car and branded accessories.
She said she would keep half of the fortune for retirement at the age of 45, among others.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lee Kim Soon (AMWAY National Convention Malaysia) - his book BELIEVE

ECGMA says: 
I have not met the man. Only came to know about this man, Lee Kim Soon, when I was browsing books at Borders Bookstore. There on the shelf was his book, BELIEVE (creating infinite possibilities). Heck, I usually don't give a second look to book titles and authors as such BUT somehow I was 'drawn' to the book. Picked it up and flipped through the book. It only cost rm30 (30 ringgit) and I had a voucher of rm15 on hand. When I began reading the first few pages, I was compelled to want to read more so I bought the book yesterday which cost me rm15 since I used the rm15 voucher.
I then youtube'ed the man and found him. I must admit I enjoyed his speech. He never completed primary schooling and stopped education at standard 2 or primary 2. He spoke layman's broken Malay and English BUT his positive attitude to achieve success showed that if you have the will, if he can do it, anyone can too.