Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lee Kim Soon (AMWAY National Convention Malaysia) - his book BELIEVE

ECGMA says: 
I have not met the man. Only came to know about this man, Lee Kim Soon, when I was browsing books at Borders Bookstore. There on the shelf was his book, BELIEVE (creating infinite possibilities). Heck, I usually don't give a second look to book titles and authors as such BUT somehow I was 'drawn' to the book. Picked it up and flipped through the book. It only cost rm30 (30 ringgit) and I had a voucher of rm15 on hand. When I began reading the first few pages, I was compelled to want to read more so I bought the book yesterday which cost me rm15 since I used the rm15 voucher.
I then youtube'ed the man and found him. I must admit I enjoyed his speech. He never completed primary schooling and stopped education at standard 2 or primary 2. He spoke layman's broken Malay and English BUT his positive attitude to achieve success showed that if you have the will, if he can do it, anyone can too.


  1. A lot of successful people you can read their book.but you will not be able to meet the successful man.this man is the mentor of a lot of successful will have a chance to meet him if you believe in faith.

  2. If you like his book, you will sure to like to meet him in person. I like to invite you to come to learn his wisdom and knowledge at his training center. If got chance, maybe you can meet him in person. :)
    You can contact me, Dylan, through or 017-5859893