Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Science of Comedy: Kavin J at TEDxKL 2012

Starting from his maiden standup comedy performance at The Actor's
Studio in 2006, Kavin has now become a familiar face at various
underground comedy shows and open mic sessions. His brand of humour is
an eclectic mix of slapstick, edginess and political incorrectness. He
recently founded Young Comedians Of Malaysia (YCOM), which aims to
promote new names in the industry.

The Value of Laughter: Harith Iskander at TEDxTaylorsCollege

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Double parking: Symptom of Malaysian apathy?

Read article below and watch this video also:
Double-Park Victim Smashes Car in Malaysia | Watch the video - Yahoo Yahoo UK -

Double parking: Symptom of Malaysian apathy?

August 30, 2013by: G Lavendran

PETALING JAYA: It appears that more and more motorists these days would rather double park to run a quick errand than spend time looking for empty parking spaces.FMT recently visited two business districts in the Klang Valley—Taipan USJ and the Sunway Giza area in Kota Damansara—which are notorious for congestion caused by double-parked cars.Subang Jaya municipal councilor Ken Chia claims that the double parking habit is a symptom of the lack of civic consciousness that afflict a large number of Malaysians.“It’s not a new issue,” he said. “We have been facing this sort of problem in busy areas for a long time.“Taipan USJ is not any different. It is an area filled with banks and other businesses. People come here almost every day to run errands.”According to Chia, the only way to change the Malaysian mindset is through education, which would include awareness campaigns.Chia knows from first-hand experience how frustrating it can be to be the victim of a motorist who double parks.“Even I have been in that situation before,” he said. “People can be so inconsiderate at times, not caring about others who have urgent business too. It is very disappointing indeed.”Halimaton Saadiah, who represents Kota Damansara in the Selangor state assembly, agrees with Chia.“It is true what the councillor says,” she said. “Double parking has become part of Malaysian culture.“People tend to put their own convenience first at the expense of others.”Halimaton supports the idea of awareness campaigns and other forms of education.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Reunion Dinner 回家過年

The Reunion Dinner 回家過年 by Anthony Chen 陳哲藝

Starring 段伟明,林丽云,王官武,官锦森,郭奕辰,姚勇胜,冯恩富

Written and Directed by Anthony Chen
Producer: Felicia Tan
Assistant Director: Gayle Hariff
Director of Photography: Jean-Louis Schuller
Production Designer: Jason Mok
Hair Design: Leong Lim
Makeup Design: Red Ngoh
Editor: Joanne Cheong
Sound Designer: Roger Low
Music: Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...truly Asia

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur.,,Truly Bangla ! Truly Nepalese ! Truly Indon !!

I was in Saigon last week. And the market there was full of Malaysians shopping. The shopkeepers were speaking Malay and accepting ringgit. One guy said he learnt Malay from the dictionary!!. And he's never been to KL.

But, hey, you too don't have to go to Vietnam or Myanmar or Nepal too because....

                Kuala 'Impure'.....KL is now truly Asia !!!
1) Malaysia has more than 2 million legal immigrants & 1.5-2m or more  illegal immigrants representing more than 13% of our population & over 20% of our workforce! 
2) The figures are frightening & KL can easily experience the recent rioting in S'pore "Little India"!  We have to be more selective & weed out the low value labour intensive industries or face dire consequences.     



Jalan Tun H.S. Lee in downtown KL is swarmed with foreigners on Sundays
If you haven't been in downtown Kuala Lumpur in quite a while, you will be surprised to find the old KL that we used to know no longer exists. Sure, most of the buildings are still there, but the inner city has lost much of its Malaysian identity.
Take a trip to the Kota Raya-Bangkok Bank area on Sunday, you will feel as if you are in Nepal or Myanmar as these pictures below show.
Businesses here cater mostly to the Myanmarese and Nepalese. There is a sizable population of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis too.
The Indonesians are still the prevalent ethnic group in the Chow Kit area while the Filipinos hang out in the shopping malls in KLCC
and in PJ.
Browsing their national papers in a retail outlet. DVDs, CDs and magazines are available 
in several lingua franca.
A well-stocked mini-market. Enterprising shopkeepers supply foreign workers here 
with almost anything they need from their homeland. 
Fresh produce for homecooked meals
Anyone for cow's head soup?
Don't be fooled by the display photos. This studio is patronized mainly by foreigners applying for work permits, passports,
visas and who knows, MyKad as well?
The ladies are not forgotten. 
Banners are everywhere advertising all kinds of 
services on the upper floors. This one is for air fares.
One of the few banners in English. I was told 
this restaurant is popular with the Nepalese. 
Not sure if this ad is for funeral services or a football match!
For the younger workers - a hip-hop concert! 
Across the road from Kota Raya lies Chinatown. The stalls there are run by foreigners. It's a
matter of time before nearby Central Market is also taken over by non-Malaysians. Not too 
far away is Bukit Bintang which is rapidly transforming into a Middle Eastern hot spot. 
Whether this foreign influx has a positive or negative spillover is debatable.
But one thing is for certain, it won't be long before downtown KL becomes unrecognizable to local citizens.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We are all ears, show us your brains!

Minister: We've the brains to overcome price hikes

Quigonbond: To be fair, Rural and Regional Development Minister Shafie Apdal did not say what brains.
We know as much it's not one which is wise, compassionate or progressive. It has to do with brain drain - brain drain reduces the aggregate ability of a nation to think smart.
Some local researcher should come up with a benchmark to see what percentage of brains are required for the nation to progress, and to chart a correlation between brain power and GDP - and show it to the minister. I'm sure we're below median.

Jiminy Qrikert: Shafie Apdal, you have the brains to overcome price hikes but did not have the brains to prevent it?
It is not as though we have run out of money, just that we are running out very, very fast. Yes, the people will still vote for the opposition because the rakyat do not want idiotic, traitorous, lying leaders anymore. Come GE14, BN is gone.

Onyourtoes: If you have the "brain", why did you fellows allow the price hike problem to take place in the first place? Are you saying your "brain" is to create the problem and then try to solve it?

What do you mean when you said, "Our economy is still healthy enough. It's not as though we have run out of money."
How many years has this country incurred fiscal deficit? What is the latest count on total public sector debt (federal government, statutory bodies, GLCs and public enterprises)?

I think you are just mumbling without knowing anything. So much for your brain or is it drain?

Anonymous #02382443: You have the brains? I am amused. You should know that all our brains are now in Singapore, Australia, US, UK and elsewhere....

Kanasai: What the use of talking about brain and voting. Release the policies that would stop this runaway price hike.
Policies like reduction of food and fuel subsidies, increase of tariffs, tolls, etc, are not policies of price control. Additional cost of doing businesses are. Padded contracts and negotiations are.

Flying in private jets and other excesses are. 'Shock-sendiri' mega projects and infrastructures that has no immediate use are. I can go on and on.
Stop all these 'brain and know-how' talk, and be truthful to the needs of the people.

Mohgui: "We are confident, we will turn this around, in Selangor and also in Penang. We can do it. But when elections come, people still vote for the opposition," said Shafie.
People vote for a certain individual because they have trust in whoever they vote for and not because of some sweetened deal. You as the current government, should carry out your duty to see to the good of the country.

If you can do this without any prejudice or racial bias, the rakyat will vote to keep you in power.

Anonymous_4056: Shafie treats us like secondary school students. If Umno got the brains and know-how to overcome this price hikes situation, then why should you maneuver into this seemingly bottomless pit in the first place?

We know why, it simply due to mismanagement of the economy through rampant corruption, wastage, cronyism resulting in monopolies of common essentials like rice, sugar, electricity and road tolls and a rentier mentality.

Shafie, you don't need to study rocket science to know this.

SpongeBob: Sure, the government can turn around more for the Umno leaders to be more corrupted and more leeway for them to plunder the poor Malays.

The country is in this state is because of Umno's plundering policy. Soon, the kangkung will become the staple food for country.

Fairnessforall: Hahaha... the government has the brains. A few months back, ikan tenggiri was only about RM25 a kilo.

Yesterday I went to Cold Storage in Sunway and tenggiri was RM45.90. Thinking there was something not right, I went to the Aeon in Sunway and the tenggiri there was RM48.90.
In a few months, the price of tenggiri has doubled and Shafie claims they have the brains to control the price increase.

Fourtan: Minister, I actually do believe you. But do you really think it's that simple a matter as having brains to solve the current mess we are in? Now, I'm really worried.
Oh Ya?: If the ruling elites really have the brains and know-how there won't be the need to reduce subsidies, increase taxes and weaken the ringgit exchange rate, which triggered the price hike in the first place.

NuckinFuts: BN is just waiting for Pakatan Rakyat to come up with solutions. they will then plagiarise it and call it something with a "1" in front. Just wait and see what these braindeads are doing.

Anonymous #70881335: We are all ears, Shafie. Show us your brains.