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Double parking: Symptom of Malaysian apathy?

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Double parking: Symptom of Malaysian apathy?

August 30, 2013by: G Lavendran

PETALING JAYA: It appears that more and more motorists these days would rather double park to run a quick errand than spend time looking for empty parking spaces.FMT recently visited two business districts in the Klang Valley—Taipan USJ and the Sunway Giza area in Kota Damansara—which are notorious for congestion caused by double-parked cars.Subang Jaya municipal councilor Ken Chia claims that the double parking habit is a symptom of the lack of civic consciousness that afflict a large number of Malaysians.“It’s not a new issue,” he said. “We have been facing this sort of problem in busy areas for a long time.“Taipan USJ is not any different. It is an area filled with banks and other businesses. People come here almost every day to run errands.”According to Chia, the only way to change the Malaysian mindset is through education, which would include awareness campaigns.Chia knows from first-hand experience how frustrating it can be to be the victim of a motorist who double parks.“Even I have been in that situation before,” he said. “People can be so inconsiderate at times, not caring about others who have urgent business too. It is very disappointing indeed.”Halimaton Saadiah, who represents Kota Damansara in the Selangor state assembly, agrees with Chia.“It is true what the councillor says,” she said. “Double parking has become part of Malaysian culture.“People tend to put their own convenience first at the expense of others.”Halimaton supports the idea of awareness campaigns and other forms of education.

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