Monday, March 17, 2014

Chinese participation in the police force | Free Malaysia Today

ECGMA says: My late-Dad who passed away in Feb1996 was with the Malaysian Police Force. As a young lad freshed out of Senior Cambridge, he joined the Malaysian police force but in his days, his superiors were Mat Sallehs ie. British. It was good then. My dad retired as Superintendent of Police, fairly high ranking in those days but that position was high as he could go as a Chinese Malaysian. When I completed my secondary education, I too wanted to follow my dad's footsteps but he discouraged me from joining the force as the culture of the force has changed much and biased toward the 'sons and daughters of the soil', bumiputra. From his own experiences, he saw first hand promotions of younger and inexperienced Malay officers rising above him. He opted for early retirement. He loved his job but unfortunately the blatant biasness was too hard to swallow. Since my return after living and working overseas for many years, I had the opportunity to meet a handful of ex-Police officers who left the Force. You don't have to second guess the reasons for their leaving and you have to be a bloody fool to not guess correctly what race they are not!

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